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If you are a beginner,I don't agree with you to buy the Professional type. Try the cheaper product at Beginner.

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  • Spectrabox
    It is provided with two powerful Flower Boosters.
    The switchable Flower Boosters create an ideal growing environment
    and increases yield by 40% compared to the standard LED grow lights.
    Professional will know the important funtion to profit on your cannabis or other plant.
    Also you can save much money by saving electricity.
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    600W 300W 200W 150W
    Diy LED Grow Lights
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    Simply to use, saves 80% electricity.
    No swith of LED spectrum, so you need to consider what the rate of the LED color you want.
    and I recommend red bule at rate 8:1 for best.
    Call me for any question.
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  • We manufacture 1w up to 1000w Grow Lights. All use United State 1w-3w High Power LED chips. Independent Tests prove that produce up to 3x more grams per watt compared to the competition against ProSource Worldwide, Haight Solid State, HIDHut, and more. We provide LED Grow Lights diy for people who devote indoor grow.
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  • Cheap Led grow lights wholesale by B2C Manufacturer's Suppliers,Freeshipping all over world.
  • We recommend 90 watt UFO led grow lights for your plants replace standard 400W to 600W HPS(HID), over 80% energy saving. You can find every kind of LED Grow Lights in our website.
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  • Lumens: 280 - 30000 Lm
  • Power 7w to 900W
  • Base on 1w,2w,3w high power LED.
  • Shape: UFO, Square, Panel
  • Input Voltage AC110/220V
  • Input Current 300mA
  • Lifetime over 50,000 hours
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Working environment -20~40C
  • Hanging kit included .
  • Three years warranty .
  • lower running costs. 90% less electricity than Sodium HID HPS lights Grow Lights
  • Input voltage : 85-264V, easy to use and safty , suitable for all the countries .
  • Use only the exact color spectrum you need for photosynthesis
  • Our common light ratio :8:1,7:2,7:1:1 with the mixture of red , blue , orange ,yellow and white lights ,
  • You can choose the wavelength and color ratio which is most suitable for your plant growth
  • Built-in thermo-sensitive devices shut down power supply to prevent over-heating
  • Low heat emission eliminates need for ducting & heat exhaust fans
  • No set-up or installation!...Plug-N-Play grow light
  • The lighting area and the height are changeable according to different plants and environments
  • Eco-friendly: no harmful substances found in HPS/HID & MH lights
  • Certificate: CE& RoHS

It can be used for plant growth in three different ways:
1. To provide all the light a plant needs to grow
2. To supplement sunlight, especially in winter months when daylight hours are short.
3. To increase the length of the "day" in order to trigger specific growth and flowering.

Product Applications:
Hydroponics & Horticulture & Greenhouse Lighting, Seeding/Seedling/Breeding, Farm/Flower Exhibition/Garden/Bonsai etc

1. Indoor use only .
2. Turn off the power before installment, don't touch the surface of the lights when light on
3. Please make sure using in the normal environment
4. To avoid using nearby the hot or heat source place, where has the corrosive gas.
5. Make sure the installment place could afford 10 times of the weight of light..
6. Installed position must be no shock, no fire hidden danger
7. The producst is non waterproof, so put it in the dry place .
8. Do not touch or/and knock the product body during working
9. Recommended lighting time as the same as sun lighting , Vegetative Stage: 14-16 hours Flowering Stage: 10-12 hours