Diy LED Grow Light

Here you can Diy LED Grow Light for your Garden, Hydroponics, Horticulture, Greenhouse every kind you like,only need a minute and less price.
Diy your Choose Function Power Color Spectrum Cover Shape, 3W High power Led chip is recommend for your best choose.

Why 3W LED Chip:
Because 3W LED Chip can provide the depth spectrum that 1W can’t. more info: 1W vs 3W LED Chip.

Diy LED Grow Light Spectrum

Red: 630nm 660nm
blue: 440nm 460nm
See which spectrum your plant need: Wavelength for plant Photosynthesis and Chlorophyll Absorption

Spectrum switchable More Info: LED Grow Light Spectrabox

Diy LED Grow Light cover color

White Blue Yellow Green Red Black any color you want.

LED Chip
1W ($0.9)
Color  Red  Blue  UV  White  Orange  Yellow  Green
Fan  Temperature controller (+$69)
Spectrum switch  non 2 switch (+$150) 3 switch (+$200)
Shape(mm) Length * Width
Cover color  White Black+$10 Red+$10 Orang+$10 Yellow+$10 Green+$10 Blue+$10 Pink+$10 Purple+$10 Amber+$10

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Diy LED Grow Light

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