How to choose the Best Led grow lights for Beginner

The Best LED Grow Lights consists of the following Part :

1. LED Bulbs chips Power

The LED Bulbs (chips) are the most important components of your new light. Cree, Bridgelux, Semiled and Epistar are the world’s leading providers of high-performance LED chips in the market. This will ensure that your lights are the brightest, most efficient and last the longest.

What you need to look for in anLED Grow light is the power of each individual LED bulb. Generally you will find 1W LED or 0.06W LED light. If you buy 0.06 LED bulb system since it is cheaper you will not get any effective results, it is just waste of mony & electrisity both.
You will find new 1-3 W LED Grow light , which is realy effective and more power full. If you need good resultts you need to to buy 1-3W LED grow light.
LED Grow light available in different watt , 45W,90W,120W,300W etc, they should build out from 1-3W LED bulbs.

2. LED Bulbs chips Wavelength

The lower efficiency on the HID bulbs stems from the fact that the light wavelengths are not directed 100% on the specimen and emit their light at a full 360°. The beauty of the LED is the direct wavelength and beam angle that gives your plants all of the direct wavelengths. There is no wasted light bouncing off the top of the housing and reflecting back or spreading out in other directions away from where the growth is happening. Your LEDs should boast a strong, direct wavelength with a chip housing designed to reflect directly where you position it. This ensures the output is used efficiently and keeping your plants fed.

In LED Grow light RED and BLUE ray is effective for growing plant and plant can absorb the red/blue ray completely,and using HPS light is only absorb 5% of ray energy by the plant.
Red LED lights Wavelength 630nm-660nm generates faster bud development, flower blossoming, fruit growth, health, beauty and productivity.
Blue LED lights Wavelength 460nm-615nm speeds up leaf development, plant growth and provides maximum plant health, beauty and productivity .

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3. LED Grow Lights Lumens

Lumens are both measurements common with grow light manufacturers — both HID and LED – reference point with the relative brightness of a number of lights.
Lumen are actually Irrelevant To Plant Increase.
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4. Power Supply

These small precious LED chips need protection from the power supply. Specially designed circuits protect the chips even in event of a power failure. If your power supply fails and the chips are protected, you can easily replace the power supply for 5-10 bucks. The LED chips are meant to last 50,000 hours and, in most cases, the power supply will die before that.

5. .Heat dissipation

At this point your seeing a trend…you have to care for that LED chip…after all, it’s pumping out the light that grows your crop. The LED chip is very sensitive to heat and if the design and material allows heat buildup, the light will burn up very quickly. The chip needs to breathe, it needs air circulation. A heat sink base houses the chips internally…some manufacturers use thin pieces of flat aluminum board or plastic, to increase surface area but it does not allow the heat to dissipate. The chip overheats and dies in about 4-6 months. A solid lighting fixture will use a cast metal heat sink with fins or a column structure to ensure the chips have proper air flow. Better heat flow = peak performance and a longer lifespan.